Your Procrastination Is Destroying Your Business Dream

Posted by johngies

Whenever I wonder where my lead flow has gone, I can look to procrastination. It can be the weight gain, it can be overwhelm, it can be disgruntled staff or customers. If you step back in the majority of cases, it’s because you have procrastinated.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay
  • You put off going to the gym because it was cold.
  • You put off the uncomfortable conversation about an employee’s performance.
  • Your pipeline has dried up because you put off calling potential clients.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are three ideas to help you overcome procrastination.

First, is there something you can start on the project that will take 1 – 2 minutes? For example, getting geared up for the gym. Once you put on your sneakers, you are in motion and chances are you will head to the gym.

With an employee who is having performance issues, schedule the 1:1 conversation.  Once it is in the calendar, you are 70% more likely to get it done. And because it is scheduled, you can prepare.  Keeping an employee on track is way easier that replacing an employee.

Review your annual goals daily, you know, the big rocks. By reviewing your goals and then asking the honest question, “Am I on track in pursuit of these goals”? you will help  yourself prioritize your day. For all of my friends that love networking and meeting people, ask yourself, are those coffee meetings turning into business? If not, are those the conversations that you need to be having? Or is all of that networking a way to put off the difficult work of building a funnel or calling ten prospective clients?

Make sure to celebrate your wins. All to often we are in pursuit of a goal, we get it and we scurry on to the next one. Take a moment to celebrate. Observe yourself winning and what that feels like. Reinforce the reason you want to go into action… so you can have more wins.

Bonus idea number 4, find a way to embrace the process. Sometimes we get so focused on the win (income amount, number of clients, the beach body, etc.) that we forget that to get there we have to do some things. We have to hit the gym, we have to pick up the phone, we have to do the research on the new client potential in order to get the beach body, the new client, or open a new market.

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