Your Company is Not That Special…Yet

Posted by johngies

We Deliver Integrity…

We are Your Trusted…

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed…

People, Process, Technology that’s what sets us apart…

Image Courtesy of Unsplash

Name the company or business associated with any one of these phrases. No, you can’t? Why? Because they are throwaway lines that 99.9999% of companies try to get by on and as a result, they compete on price.

It is only when you distinguish yourself to set yourself apart from the others in your industry that you can become memorable.

You might do it with a mascot like Morris the Cat, (9-lives cat food).  Maybe you call out the limitations of an industry and how you’ve solved it. Think Apple and the iPod. You no longer need to carry multiple CD’s You can have 1,000 songs in your pocket.

Stop and think about this. No, you are thinking of something else. Step back and consider how you are different. How you could be different. We all can be unique. We can all stand out.

An example maybe. You know how you encounter business coaches that are insightful, curious and you feel good afterward; only to wonder what change they helped you make? My clients have a numbers-driven process-oriented toolbox at their disposal to help them bring the best of their business into the world. It is measurable, accountable and profitable.

Given the number of people with food sensitivities, I am convinced that a casual dining experience that delivers clean and organic food, can capture a slice of the fast-casual space at a premium. There are a number of people I know that no longer eat out as they used to because they can’t trust the kitchens.

Another one was a Portland Oregon Theatre that Sets ticket prices at $4.00 per show. They show second run movies and offer gourmet food at gourmet food prices.  They are not trying to be everything to everyone. BUT they have clearly identified a niche and that niche wants what they offer.

If you want your customer to find you and do business with you, you have to be different, unique and offer something of value. To really get to that you have to slow down, think about what your customer wants, your ideal customer. And who you want to work with and how.

Do you want to learn how your business can stand out? Then let’s talk. You can learn more here.