Why Start with Why? Nobody Cares

Posted by johngies
Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Start with Why is the now world-famous Ted Talk and book by Simon Sinek. In it, he makes the bold claim is that when your clients know your why they will buy from you.

I have read the book several times and I am here to call BS on the whole notion. (Belief System).

This is an entertaining talk. It’s just entertaining. It is important for you to know why you do what you do but you clients, don’t give a hoot. They care about what you are going to do for them.

Consider the contractor that goes into the hardware store looking for a drill bit.  And the sales rep starts talking about “Why” he chose this hardware store to work at. Then “why” this store was founded. And then why” this drill bit is the best!!!

The contractor doesn’t care, he wants the hole that the drill bit makes.

Now some hardware stores may differentiate on price (this will attract customers that want a lower price).

Another may choose to differentiate on education for the DIY market (This will bring in the DIY crowd).

Or a third may choose to differentiate by giving back. (This will attract customers for whom that is important).

The only reason your “why” matters to anyone besides you is in how it impacts them and their goals. When thinking about your businesses existential “why”, make sure your client cares.

And, to do that you have to understand who your ideal client is. Then determine their goals, aspirations and wants. If you why lines up, share it. If not, ask how you are going to connect with your clients.

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