The Real Purpose of Marketing

Posted by johngies

If you are new in business like I was, you have probably read or listened to countless people that tell you the purpose of marketing is to make a sale. I remember that one of my first “sales” jobs had a title of Marketing Manager. People have a weird relationship with the word sales. Yes, it is important to sell. Without a sale, you don’t have a customer and without a customer you don’t have a business.

Now let me ask you, how do you like it when you feel you are being sold?

Most people don’t like it and they will actively resist it.  What happens when, as a business owner, you change your approach to marketing from selling to educating?

The buyer does not want to make a mistake. Nor do they want to be sold something they don’t want.

When you can change your marketing into education, you help the buyer make their decision. Now you are partners on the buyer’s journey. You are helping them to learn how their problems can be addressed and how their results can be achieved.

That looks simple until you decide you are going to market to everyone. Marketing to everyone is really marketing to no one. You see, different people have different problems they want solved. To become really effective, you want to identify your target market. Your ideal customer. These are the people that resonate most with the problem you want to solve.

If you think back to the 1960’s, if you wanted Pizza you either drove to the Italian restaurant to sit down and eat or you went in and picked it up. Domino’s stepped back and surveyed the marketplace. They asked, “Is there an underserved need? How can we differentiate ourselves?”

They saw college kids, who are always hungry. Many did not have a car.

“What if we delivered?” They then created stripped down kitchens for delivery only and built them close to campus. They could then promise your pizza in 30 minutes or less.

Notice they did not say the best pizza. They said fast and hot in thirty minutes. They became the number one pizza company in the world with arguably not the finest pizza.

They did this by solving a specific problem (I want pizza fast without leaving the couch). Then they educated their buyer with advertisements all over town saying thirty minutes or less.

Ask yourself,” What are the questions my buyers typically have about my business or business category?” Write those down and answer them. Then ask, “What do I wish my buyers would ask?” Write those questions down and answer them. Now you have the basis for your marketing. As you use these questions and your answers in your marketing efforts, be, they at a networking event, a blog post, or an advertisement, you are now helping your buyer on their journey.

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