Stop losing clients – Stop saying “I am too busy”.

Posted by johngies
image courtesy of pixabay

Busy has become a common phrase; along with I am so busy, and I am too busy. STOP SAYING THAT!

When you say you are too busy you are saying you are out of control. You are saying you haven’t mastered your priorities; it means you don’t have control over the details of your work and that you probably can’t handle your clients priorities, time or work.

This can be challenging in today’s age of social media where there is a little chemical hit when we are able to one up somebody with our posts.

“You’re busy… Let me tell you how busy I am”.

If you are going to be in business and you are going to serve others you must be able to:

  1. Master the details, no detail is too small
  2. Control your time. This means controlling your attention and your calendar
  3. Determine and manage priorities…First things first.
  4. Manage and control your communication…to the market , your team and to yourself.

If you are too busy to do this that is to trust yourself to do this why would a client trust you to do this for them?

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