Your Procrastination Is Destroying Your Business Dream

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Whenever I wonder where my lead flow has gone, I can look to procrastination. It can be the weight gain, it can be overwhelm, it can be disgruntled staff or customers. If you step back in the majority of cases, it’s because you have procrastinated.

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  • You put off going to the gym because it was cold.
  • You put off the uncomfortable conversation about an employee’s performance.
  • Your pipeline has dried up because you put off calling potential clients.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are three ideas to help you overcome procrastination.

First, is there something you can start on the project that will take 1 – 2 minutes? For example, getting geared up for the gym. Once you put on your sneakers, you are in motion and chances are you will head to the gym.

With an employee who is having performance issues, schedule the 1:1 conversation.  Once it is in the calendar, you are 70% more likely to get it done. And because it is scheduled, you can prepare.  Keeping an employee on track is way easier that replacing an employee.

Review your annual goals daily, you know, the big rocks. By reviewing your goals and then asking the honest question, “Am I on track in pursuit of these goals”? you will help  yourself prioritize your day. For all of my friends that love networking and meeting people, ask yourself, are those coffee meetings turning into business? If not, are those the conversations that you need to be having? Or is all of that networking a way to put off the difficult work of building a funnel or calling ten prospective clients?

Make sure to celebrate your wins. All to often we are in pursuit of a goal, we get it and we scurry on to the next one. Take a moment to celebrate. Observe yourself winning and what that feels like. Reinforce the reason you want to go into action… so you can have more wins.

Bonus idea number 4, find a way to embrace the process. Sometimes we get so focused on the win (income amount, number of clients, the beach body, etc.) that we forget that to get there we have to do some things. We have to hit the gym, we have to pick up the phone, we have to do the research on the new client potential in order to get the beach body, the new client, or open a new market.

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Throwing More Money at Marketing Will Not Solve Your Marketing Problem

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It is ironic how many business owners decide that what they need is “marketing”. So, they go and hire a marketing team (outsourced or internal). Then after spending thousands of dollars, they wonder what went wrong. I mean they are running ads, they’ve jumped on the Insta and Tik Tok bandwagon…where are the new clients?

The Owner never took the time to be strategic, to really understand their place in the market. They did not determine how to actually own that space in their client’s mind.  It starts with Your Market Dominating Position.  This is a strategic position where the value you deliver aligns with what your clients want in a unique way that helps them trust you and your recommendations rapidly.

  • It is not that you are a wealth advisor (no one cares).
  • It is not that you are a business attorney (no one cares).
  • It is not that you are a painter, plumber, or candlestick maker.

Your client has a problem, and they want a solution. The Problem they want to solve is not that they need a wealth advisor. They’ve already decided to look at that. Their problem is how do they find one that will speak to them and not down to them? How do they know that the advisor is working for them and not the commissions? Heck, how do they know the advisor isn’t another Bernie Madoff?  How do you solve THAT problem?

If you are a plumber, they know they need a plumber. But have you seen the stuff plumbers walk in every day? Do you want that in your house? There are some plumbers that demonstrate concern for the home by putting booties on to protect the homeowners floors when they enter, alleviating that concern. Or we’ve all heard stories about plumbers (and other trades) that upsell inappropriately or that make things worse. How do you solve THAT problem?

That is why you start with your Market Dominating Position. It separates you from all the rest. It is not a platitude like Quality, Expertise, or we are Bonded. It connects with the emotional hot buttons of your clients.

And your outside marketing expert will never get that, unless you as the owner gets it. You have to know your client’s problem better than your clients do. When you can articulate it better than they can, they know that you know the solution.

Take the time, invest the energy to get really clear on your Market Dominating Position, and then see what happens when you promote your business. If you would like some help with your Market Dominating Position (MDP), consider joining the class starting in January 2022.  You can embrace your (MDP) and generate new clients, new revenue, and new profits, WITHOUT spending more money on marketing and advertising.

Why Start with Why? Nobody Cares

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Start with Why is the now world-famous Ted Talk and book by Simon Sinek. In it, he makes the bold claim is that when your clients know your why they will buy from you.

I have read the book several times and I am here to call BS on the whole notion. (Belief System).

This is an entertaining talk. It’s just entertaining. It is important for you to know why you do what you do but you clients, don’t give a hoot. They care about what you are going to do for them.

Consider the contractor that goes into the hardware store looking for a drill bit.  And the sales rep starts talking about “Why” he chose this hardware store to work at. Then “why” this store was founded. And then why” this drill bit is the best!!!

The contractor doesn’t care, he wants the hole that the drill bit makes.

Now some hardware stores may differentiate on price (this will attract customers that want a lower price).

Another may choose to differentiate on education for the DIY market (This will bring in the DIY crowd).

Or a third may choose to differentiate by giving back. (This will attract customers for whom that is important).

The only reason your “why” matters to anyone besides you is in how it impacts them and their goals. When thinking about your businesses existential “why”, make sure your client cares.

And, to do that you have to understand who your ideal client is. Then determine their goals, aspirations and wants. If you why lines up, share it. If not, ask how you are going to connect with your clients.

If you would like help connecting with your ideal clients check out the resources at

Are You Overwhelmed? Quit Wasting Your Time and Buy it Back

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Lots of Clocks
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Business is challenging and those challenges are all the worse if you don’t have revenue, time, or energy to deal with them.

People often let their egos determine that they want to outsource or hire in order to “Scale”. Is there a more overused word today? The reason for you to spend money on staffing and or outsourcing is simple. It is to buy time. That is to buy time for YOU!

Whether it is time to work on higher-value activities or to spend on vacation and lifestyle.  I doubt very much that you started your business so you could commit 50 – 60 hours a week to your job (I meant your business).

So, how do you create the time you want? First, own the fact that you want more time. If you get sucked into “I am busy and I love it…You will be busy!

Conduct a time audit. What tasks are you performing and what is the value of those tasks? Are they helping you serve clients or grow your business? If not, should you do them or should someone else?  You have probably heard about the difference between $15 tasks and $1,000 tasks. Where do you want to focus?

Once you decide to outsource or hire, it is not as simple as just pulling the trigger. I have watched clients burn through employees that were not a good fit.  So, start with a “job description”. That is what tasks do you want them to perform, how often, and to what level of proficiency. How will you measure proficiency? What skills should they have and what will you “train” them on.

One of the most important things you will do for your  business after creating profits is selecting the right teammates and being very clear on roles and expectations. I actually like the word agreement over expectation. It demonstrates that both parties have agreed to the work. If you do this right, you can delegate with confidence. If you fail to do it because you don’t like writing things down, resign yourself to working 50 – 60 hours a week. You will have to work that much because your team has to rely on you. This means more work.

This will also be one of the key factors should you ever decide to sell your business. Do you have the policies and procedures in place that run your business even when you are not there?

These are three simple (not necessarily easy steps for you to take to buy back your time. And let’s face it isn’t, that part of why you started your business in the first place? If you would like help in creating the time and the resources to create a business you can own, over the job that owns you, let’s schedule a call.

Stop losing clients – Stop saying “I am too busy”.

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Busy has become a common phrase; along with I am so busy, and I am too busy. STOP SAYING THAT!

When you say you are too busy you are saying you are out of control. You are saying you haven’t mastered your priorities; it means you don’t have control over the details of your work and that you probably can’t handle your clients priorities, time or work.

This can be challenging in today’s age of social media where there is a little chemical hit when we are able to one up somebody with our posts.

“You’re busy… Let me tell you how busy I am”.

If you are going to be in business and you are going to serve others you must be able to:

  1. Master the details, no detail is too small
  2. Control your time. This means controlling your attention and your calendar
  3. Determine and manage priorities…First things first.
  4. Manage and control your communication…to the market , your team and to yourself.

If you are too busy to do this that is to trust yourself to do this why would a client trust you to do this for them?

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