Nobody Wants to Work: Three Ways You Can Get the Employees You Want

Posted by johngies

Many of the small business owners I speak to want to grow but they are struggling to find staff. The story they are telling themselves is what the media tells them about employees:

  • They are afraid
  • They like unemployment
  • They’ll never go back to work
  • No Talent

So, Owner’s panic and they hire the first warm body that they like, that shows up. And 90 days later they are lamenting about how there is not any talent.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Before you even run an ad, determine what you need from the new employee. That’s why they write job descriptions. This is where you define duties, expected skills, and attitudes that an ideal employee will have. This will help you to screen for the right candidate.

Next ask yourself some questions:

  • Do they really need 5 years of experience? I promise you, my first several jobs I had zero experience.  I did not know how to operate a lift to put a car in the air to change the oil. I did not know how to drive the forklift. I needed to, in order to unload trailers. Nor was I a professional salesperson until I was. Someone taught me those skills. Yes, training employees takes time but then you get the employee that is ideal because you taught them.
  • If you need experience, ask yourself what might frustrate them about the current place of employment? How can you provide a better place of employment? Yup, you are going to have to market to employees just like you market to clients and customers. Employees right now have more choices. So how can you become the employer of choice?
    • Can you offer Benefits
    • Can you give them Time
    • Can you offer them Flexibility
    • Can you give them Autonomy
    • Or provide Professional Development

Right there, are five ways you can differentiate.

  • What have you tried that’s different? Indeed, Monster and the other job boards don’t really get to the market. Have you asked your Facebook and LinkedIn Communities? People know people who are looking for jobs. And if you really want someone, you can hire them.

We are not going back to the good old days. This is one of those periods of change and decision.

  • Are you willing to adapt?
  • Are you willing to grow into the new future?

If so, you need a team. So, take the time to think (TTT) and really get clear on the kind of people you want. What the minimum skill and experience really is. Consider someone with different experience that you can start training and then how can you provide a path to professional development. How can YOU become the employer of choice?

If you would like some help with this let’s schedule a chat.