Leverage your Algorithm and Protocols to Overcome Overwhelm

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Lately, many clients and colleagues are complaining of overwhelm. With too much to do, they feel like they are on the hamster wheel.

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This is crazy. If you google productivity and time management, you will get 495,000,000 results. Clearly, there are a lot of tools. I have recently reviewed John Wooden’s book on Leadership. For those that don’t know, he is one of the winningest coaches in college basketball ever. In his book and legend, he was famous for protocol.

Day one of training was how to put on your socks so as not to get a blister. For Coach Wooden it was not about if you “won” the game, it was about how you played the game. Did you play your best game. That was his standard.

Taking that now to the subject of overwhelm. We live in a world of distraction; there are so many shiny, interesting things.

I can go on. The point is where is your work in here?

One of the best metaphors that I have found useful in this last year is the idea of creating algorithms and protocols.

Algorithms are “IF” – “THEN” formulas. If this happens, then I will do that. For example, IF I wake up within 20 minutes of 5:00, THEN I will get up, then brush my teeth, THEN drop to the floor for my morning stretching routine and so on.

There are two algorithms here:

  1. IF I get up THEN I will brush my teeth.
  2. IF I brush my teeth THEN I will drop to the floor and stretch.

Think about your business. When a customer schedules a service call THEN you pull up their record and attach the file to the service call. THEN prior to the service call, your representative reviews the record so they can personalize the call.

There are all sorts of ways to create algorithms in your business:

  • Mortgage Broker – IF I drive by an open house THEN I will stop to introduce myself to the Realtor.
  • Roofer -IF I meet an Insurance Agent, THEN I will schedule a call with them.
  • Wealth Advisor – WHEN I meet a business owner, THEN I will ask about their 401K or retirement plans in line with Colorado regulations.

Take a few minutes to think about your business and what algorithms can you create that will propel your business forward.

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