Frustrated with Marketing Costs? Five Low Cost or No Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

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You will have an endless stream of companies offering to help you to market your business…, by helping you spend your money. And at some point in your business that is appropriate. For those of you starting out, there are a number of ways that cost zero or very little money

Email your data base. (You have one, don’t you?) If not, start one. Most newsletters and email newsletters go out every three to five months. And while you are not in relationship with your tribe, someone else is. I hope it is not your competition!

How to begin? Look at competitors and see what they are doing. Most are saying “buy our stuff”. Instead you can offer them value. Your buyers and potential buyers are on a journey. They are trying to decide, “do I buy this product or service category or not.” They are afraid of making a mistake. You can help by educating them on the industry, the product or service category, the risks, the rewards, AND why you are the best choice. Then they get to buy your product versus being sold your product.

Send out THANK YOU cards.  No one else is doing it. Send Out Cards has built a multi-million-dollar business helping people stay consistently in touch. Why? because it delivers results.

Want to take it up another level? Pick up the phone and call your customer a few days after the purchase to ask, “How is it working? Are you happy?”

Your email signature: how often have you looked at the bottom of an email for a phone number? Isn’t that a great place for your Market Dominating Position, your book, your certifications? It is another place to show people how you add value.

Craig’s List, Thumbtack, Fivver, are all places where you can promote your business with little to no cost.

There really are countless ways to market and promote your business at little to no cost. More importantly, remember it is NOT where you put your message, IT IS YOUR MESSAGE. A variation of “I need customers” is not what you want to say and that is what most ad’s say. Connect with your buyers want, their problems, and your solutions.

If you are eager to grow your business and frustrated with lack of customers let’s talk.

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