Everything You Think You Know About Generating Leads and Closing Sales is…Wrong!

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Facebook Advertisements, Twitter, SEO, Pay Per Click, Magazine, Radio TV where should I promote my business? Many small business owners ask themselves those same questions. The reality is none of that matters until you get the right message for the right audience down.

If you look at the back of many publications at the advertisements from small business owners what you find is a copy of their business card. It shows the name of their company. It says they deliver the BEST service and how to contact the business. 

Doesn’t every business say they are the BEST?

All prospects and customers want the exact same things

  • they want to feel confident their money has been well-spent
  • that their decision has been made to the best of their ability
  • they want to get the best deal

Your job is to figure out what is important to them. Then to educate them as to how you can deliver that at the BEST value and then show them some proof.

What do most marketers do? They tell buyers to buy from them because they have more experience, better quality or they have the best price. And there are some very clever ways to do that.

The key is how do you stand out. Consider this: Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are all making billions of dollars selling the same thing, Pizza. Yet, each of them has staked out a unique position in the market.

Image via Pixabay and Ronald-Owen- Wahl
  • Domino’s delivers fast (They don’t claim to be high quality)
  • Pizza Hut offers variety and either pick up or delivery
  • Papa Johns is all about picking it up with the fresh ingredients and baking it yourself.

Each of these companies has taken the time to get clear on who they want to serve, how they want to serve and then the innovated their operations to meet their market. The challenge is most small business owners don’t take the time to do this.

Slow down. Yup slow down. Take the time to think about your business. Why are you in business? What problem were you going to solve for your customer? How were you going to be different than the others?

When you stop and consider why buyers want your product (category) They have some concerns. It is not just should they get Pizza but, rather what kind of pizza, what do they want it to do for them? Do they want it delivered fast? Do they want variety or is fresh important?

Then based on where you are, who your competition is and your passions around Pizza, (Pizza by the way is a metaphor here for your business), what is your position. And then you create your message.

Once you have your message you can decide where to promote your business. If they are of a certain generation (retired) Facebook Pay per click is probably not where they hang out. They are probably reading the local newspaper. If they are young and mobile perhaps Instagram is where you will find them.

But until you know:

  • Your market
  • Your position in the market
  • How you will differentiate yourself
  • And your message

The medium does not matter. Do yourself a favor and schedule an hour a week to step back and think about your business.

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