Do you want to win? You need to embrace your fear now

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Do you remember the first risk you took and it WORKED?! It could have been executing a play in a sporting game, your first kiss, or perhaps landing your first job.  Can you remember your exhilaration?

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Now think of the last thing you put off because you were afraid. Were you really afraid or were you uncomfortable? This phrase from Author and Coach, Steve Chandler, is echoing through my thoughts over the last few weeks.

               “Just because you are afraid, does not mean you can’t achieve it”.

It made me reflect. How much have I put off or what did I not even attempt because of fear or discomfort? (We often mistake discomfort for fear).

And then I remembered my “Successes”.

  • Youngest member of the sales team to hit quota
  • Earning my Black Belt
  • First public speech
  • First PAID public speech
  • First sale
  • Biggest sale
  • Marriage
  • I Could go on and so could you

I was terrified in each of these situations. After all, I had not successfully done any of them before. Yet, when I followed the process, when I trusted myself and believed that I could figure it out -SUCCESS was on the other side.

If you are a business owner and you are honest with yourself, there are things you are holding back on. Things you are not doing. Typically, it is because you are either afraid or it’s uncomfortable. You’re afraid of what you might have to give up for that next evolution in your business.

Now remember your successes and the fear and discomfort you felt then. Now remember the feelings when it worked!

Pick one thing you know you have been putting off and act now.  And break through the fear to experience your next level of success.

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