Your Procrastination Is Destroying Your Business Dream

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Whenever I wonder where my lead flow has gone, I can look to procrastination. It can be the weight gain, it can be overwhelm, it can be disgruntled staff or customers. If you step back in the majority of cases, it’s because you have procrastinated.

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  • You put off going to the gym because it was cold.
  • You put off the uncomfortable conversation about an employee’s performance.
  • Your pipeline has dried up because you put off calling potential clients.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are three ideas to help you overcome procrastination.

First, is there something you can start on the project that will take 1 – 2 minutes? For example, getting geared up for the gym. Once you put on your sneakers, you are in motion and chances are you will head to the gym.

With an employee who is having performance issues, schedule the 1:1 conversation.  Once it is in the calendar, you are 70% more likely to get it done. And because it is scheduled, you can prepare.  Keeping an employee on track is way easier that replacing an employee.

Review your annual goals daily, you know, the big rocks. By reviewing your goals and then asking the honest question, “Am I on track in pursuit of these goals”? you will help  yourself prioritize your day. For all of my friends that love networking and meeting people, ask yourself, are those coffee meetings turning into business? If not, are those the conversations that you need to be having? Or is all of that networking a way to put off the difficult work of building a funnel or calling ten prospective clients?

Make sure to celebrate your wins. All to often we are in pursuit of a goal, we get it and we scurry on to the next one. Take a moment to celebrate. Observe yourself winning and what that feels like. Reinforce the reason you want to go into action… so you can have more wins.

Bonus idea number 4, find a way to embrace the process. Sometimes we get so focused on the win (income amount, number of clients, the beach body, etc.) that we forget that to get there we have to do some things. We have to hit the gym, we have to pick up the phone, we have to do the research on the new client potential in order to get the beach body, the new client, or open a new market.

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Throwing More Money at Marketing Will Not Solve Your Marketing Problem

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It is ironic how many business owners decide that what they need is “marketing”. So, they go and hire a marketing team (outsourced or internal). Then after spending thousands of dollars, they wonder what went wrong. I mean they are running ads, they’ve jumped on the Insta and Tik Tok bandwagon…where are the new clients?

The Owner never took the time to be strategic, to really understand their place in the market. They did not determine how to actually own that space in their client’s mind.  It starts with Your Market Dominating Position.  This is a strategic position where the value you deliver aligns with what your clients want in a unique way that helps them trust you and your recommendations rapidly.

  • It is not that you are a wealth advisor (no one cares).
  • It is not that you are a business attorney (no one cares).
  • It is not that you are a painter, plumber, or candlestick maker.

Your client has a problem, and they want a solution. The Problem they want to solve is not that they need a wealth advisor. They’ve already decided to look at that. Their problem is how do they find one that will speak to them and not down to them? How do they know that the advisor is working for them and not the commissions? Heck, how do they know the advisor isn’t another Bernie Madoff?  How do you solve THAT problem?

If you are a plumber, they know they need a plumber. But have you seen the stuff plumbers walk in every day? Do you want that in your house? There are some plumbers that demonstrate concern for the home by putting booties on to protect the homeowners floors when they enter, alleviating that concern. Or we’ve all heard stories about plumbers (and other trades) that upsell inappropriately or that make things worse. How do you solve THAT problem?

That is why you start with your Market Dominating Position. It separates you from all the rest. It is not a platitude like Quality, Expertise, or we are Bonded. It connects with the emotional hot buttons of your clients.

And your outside marketing expert will never get that, unless you as the owner gets it. You have to know your client’s problem better than your clients do. When you can articulate it better than they can, they know that you know the solution.

Take the time, invest the energy to get really clear on your Market Dominating Position, and then see what happens when you promote your business. If you would like some help with your Market Dominating Position (MDP), consider joining the class starting in January 2022.  You can embrace your (MDP) and generate new clients, new revenue, and new profits, WITHOUT spending more money on marketing and advertising.

But I don’t have Time…That’s Not True

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Recently I have been hearing a lot of:

“I am overwhelmed”.

“I am too busy”.

“I don’t have time”.

It is a Belief System, and you are using time as an excuse. I was struck by something Oprah said:

“Take five minutes to center yourself…If you don’t have five minutes you don’t deserve the life of your dreams”. ~ OPRAH

Think about that for a moment, “if you don’t have five minutes you don’t deserve the life of your dreams”.

Taking time to think requires effort. It requires you to say no to the siren call of busyness. It requires you to slow down and get clear on what you want as an outcome. And then it requires that you plan and execute towards this outcome.

I get it, we all have things that compete for our attention; phone calls, emails, text messages, Instagram, LinkedIn, and then there is actual work.

Recently I met with a colleague who was “Overwhelmed”. She had three notebooks, she had lists on all of them, and she wondered why she was overwhelmed.

Let me suggest that the first thing she had not done was to get clear on what she wanted her life/business to look like. Too many people step into the day with no clear plan. As a result, they are overwhelmed by what life throws at them.

Recently I have been practicing writing down three things in the morning that I am grateful for. Then I write down the ONE Thing that would make the day awesome. When I come back the next day, more often than not, the awesome thing has happened.

The biggest mistake I see people like my friend making, is that they refuse to slow down and connect with what is really important to them. And then taking time to think about that. What does success look like? Who is there with you? What challenges will you need to overcome?

Now that you know the “what” of your desires, what is your plan? What action will you take?

If you want to lose ten pounds, it might mean replacing the cheeseburger at lunch with a salad during the week. And scheduling 30-minute walk 5 days a week.

Not taking the time to think about what you really want and then putting an action plan in place to get there is robbing you, your family, and your clients of the best life they could have with your influence.

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Nobody Wants to Work: Three Ways You Can Get the Employees You Want

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Many of the small business owners I speak to want to grow but they are struggling to find staff. The story they are telling themselves is what the media tells them about employees:

  • They are afraid
  • They like unemployment
  • They’ll never go back to work
  • No Talent

So, Owner’s panic and they hire the first warm body that they like, that shows up. And 90 days later they are lamenting about how there is not any talent.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Before you even run an ad, determine what you need from the new employee. That’s why they write job descriptions. This is where you define duties, expected skills, and attitudes that an ideal employee will have. This will help you to screen for the right candidate.

Next ask yourself some questions:

  • Do they really need 5 years of experience? I promise you, my first several jobs I had zero experience.  I did not know how to operate a lift to put a car in the air to change the oil. I did not know how to drive the forklift. I needed to, in order to unload trailers. Nor was I a professional salesperson until I was. Someone taught me those skills. Yes, training employees takes time but then you get the employee that is ideal because you taught them.
  • If you need experience, ask yourself what might frustrate them about the current place of employment? How can you provide a better place of employment? Yup, you are going to have to market to employees just like you market to clients and customers. Employees right now have more choices. So how can you become the employer of choice?
    • Can you offer Benefits
    • Can you give them Time
    • Can you offer them Flexibility
    • Can you give them Autonomy
    • Or provide Professional Development

Right there, are five ways you can differentiate.

  • What have you tried that’s different? Indeed, Monster and the other job boards don’t really get to the market. Have you asked your Facebook and LinkedIn Communities? People know people who are looking for jobs. And if you really want someone, you can hire them.

We are not going back to the good old days. This is one of those periods of change and decision.

  • Are you willing to adapt?
  • Are you willing to grow into the new future?

If so, you need a team. So, take the time to think (TTT) and really get clear on the kind of people you want. What the minimum skill and experience really is. Consider someone with different experience that you can start training and then how can you provide a path to professional development. How can YOU become the employer of choice?

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Are You Hunting Snipes in Your Business?

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Image Courtesy of Pixabay and karachicken

Do you remember a Snipe Hunt? One of the initiations into Boy Scouts was to send the Tenderfeet out on a Snipe Hunt. This was where the new guys were sent out at night to find and bag a Snipe.

From the Oxford Dictionary

  • a practical joke in which an unwitting victim is sent in pursuit of something that doesn’t exist.
  • “one or two gullible youths are selected to participate in the notorious snipe hunt”
  • a foolish or hopeless search for or pursuit of something unattainable; a wild goose chase

You can watch the video or read the rest below.

I can remember my first hunt. I was a new Tenderfoot in Boy Scouts and we were out at Camp Nash. Joey and I were excited. About thirty minutes in, we knew something was off. And sure enough, the older scouts were having a hoot at our expense as we scoured the woods at night, looking for the elusive Snipe.

I see too many owners pursuing the elusive Snipes in their business. They are posting meaningless “look at me and my business” posts on Facebook or other Social Media sites. Or they are drinking gallons of coffee networking and wondering where the business is. Or they are spending dollar after dollar in one form of advertising or another without really knowing who their ideal customer is and where they are, in order to message them.

Or there is the business owner that has grown to the point where they now are working 60 – 70 hours a week trying to keep up with the workload of delivery and the back-office work necessary to keep the business running. All because they haven’t taken the time to hire the right people and then to have the policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) so the business can run while the owner is not in the shop.

I get it. Many owners are busy. And, if they can take an hour or so once a week to 1) Identify the key systems and processes that drive their business. 2) Start writing out the steps to fulfill each process. 3) Have each process reviewed by the people that will be performing the process. 4) Storing these where they are accessible for everyone that needs access.

For all of you gloriously self-employed, congratulations… you have a different kind of  job. Creating a business requires that you step out of the business on a regular basis to work on the business so it can run when you are not there.

Being busy is a Snipe. You can’t escape being busy. But you can become more productive and focused by taking the time to identify and then to optimize the processes that drive your business. Do yourself the biggest favor. Schedule two hours a week to step out of your business to focus on your business. Your family and your bottom line will thank you.

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