Is LinkedIn really the hot place to be?

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With so many people working from home and many with more time on their hands, there is a LOT of social media activity. All of the guru’s are saying “be visible, be out there, connect with your customer”. OK. But are you really connecting?

I scrolled through the Facebook and LinkedIn Groups which I am a part of today and found that in most of them every post has zero, nada, null, nothing, NO interaction. Not a like, not a thumbs up, not a comment. What does that say to you?

What it says to me is that people are posting from their point of view, not the point of view of their audience. When you post and say look at me, look at me, people will flip the channel.

In order to be visible, and by visible, I mean people see your posts, engage with your posts, and engage with you or your organization, you must have a clearly defined position. Where have you planted your flag? Does your audience care?

There is a young lady I used to follow who posts all of the time, 5 – 6 times a day. A video, a blog post, a question, and so on. Every one of these is a “look at me, look at me post”. After two or three looks with no value for what the questions I am thinking about or the problems I want to solve, I unfollowed her.  Go ahead and look at the LinkedIn and Facebook groups you are a part of (that are business related). Take a look at the posts. How many are getting engagement?

Today everyone is offering a COVID 19 support group. I am all in favor of supporting each other but can your audience distinguish your group from any others? It is hard. I know. I have been working to get my virtual mastermind to stand out.

Let me offer a couple of ideas to help you identify your position.

  1. Clearly identify your ideal customer. I know everyone says this but this is critical. When, you talk to everyone, and not your ideal customer, you sound like Charlie Browns Mom, “Wah, Wah…Wah”. But when you are crystal clear and speak to the Millennial who is looking for the loft of their dreams in downtown Denver, your message is like a clear crisp bell. It resonates in the world and draws your customer to you.
  2. Once you know who your ideal customer is, write a biography. Turn it into something beyond a set of data, like age and demographics.
  3. Enter into the conversation your audience is having in their own minds or amongst themselves. Remember it is about your audience, NOT your ego.

Without a clearly defined position and a clearly defined audience or market, your message becomes just another contributor to the noise of the marketplace.

And by the way, I am engaged with both LinkedIn and Facebook. I have just discovered that when too many people are “selling” in the groups, the audience the group was built for checks out and it ends up being consultants broadcasting to consultants. Do not let that be you.

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Did You Know Your Marketing is Terrible?

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Let me beg your forgiveness up front. This may sound harsh. Your marketing is terrible.

Please consider this! Next time you’re online, I want you to search out and compare a few websites.

Compare two or more IT company websites, or perhaps fencing contractors, or attorneys, or accountants or any other professional or service-based business.


They say things like:

  • We offer superior quality
  • We are the most experienced
  • We are honest

Blah, blah, blah. Any body and everybody says the same thing. How is your buyer going to hear you let alone be motivated to buy from you?

This explains why so many businesses compete on price.

Think about it, when you go to buy something, don’t you always want the best deal?

Well, when businesses look and say the exact same things, isn’t price the ONLY way to determine who is offering the best deal?

The following statement is often shocking to business owners, but price is NOT what customers shop for!

They’re shopping for VALUE. Customers will pay twice the price if they believe they’ll receive four times the value.

Prove this to yourself… do you buy all of your clothes at Walmart? Do you drive the cheapest car on the market? If not, why not?

Value beats price every time, but when all businesses look identical to each other, the ONLY value proposition left to the customer is the business offering the lowest price.

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Is Your Website Profitable or Pretty

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Business owners today spend a lot of money to build a website with all the bells and whistles. They think that “more is better.” In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Websites don’t sell… relationships sell.

Your buyers must feel that they can trust you and that you have their best interests at heart. They want to feel that they’re dealing with “the expert.” Your website should be designed to establish this in order to increase the bottom line for your business.

What you need to know…

Prospects today won’t give you their time willingly. You MUST earn it, and that means you must give your prospects something interesting and compelling to make them want to stick around your website so they can see exactly what value you offer them.

You want your website to convince your prospects that your product or service offers “extraordinary value.” And it must connect with them emotionally. Most websites simply state the features of what you sell, and then expect your prospects to buy it. Buyers today want value. You want to educate them as to why you’re the one business in your industry that provides them with the most value.

The way you accomplish this is to use what we refer to as “The Marketing Equation.” We’ve discussed this in other forums. The Marketing Equation consists of 4 major components… Interrupt (hot button based headline), Engage (sub-headline that promises a solution to the headline), Educate (body copy that conveys your extraordinary value) and a compelling Offer (a specific call to action).

Why you need to know this…

To consistently attract more clients to your business… and to effectively convert buyers into clients, it’s critical that you develop a compelling website that offers extraordinary value to your prospects and inspires them to instantly want to know more information about your product or service. Your website must focus on the benefits and on the value your business provides that your competition doesn’t.

Your website can offer free access to information… information that quickly and clearly articulates what you do and the benefits and value you offer. A free informational report may compel interested prospects to seek you out once they understand the extraordinary value that you… and you alone provide.

The cost to you if you fail to act…

A well-crafted and well-developed website can generate a tremendous number of new leads for your business. Your “offer” is the key to generating these leads. Offer valuable information, free trials of your product or service or whatever else may be important to your prospects.

When you do deliver information, or a free offer or a freemium version, a little quirk in human behavior sets in. It’s called “reciprocity.” When you give freely and willingly to help others, they feel compelled to return that generosity through reciprocity. The key is to know and understand specifically what it is your prospects truly “want,” and then give it to them. That earns you the right to ask them to do business with you.

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To your success,

John Gies

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Stop Discounting and Start Creating Value for More Profits

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Product bundling is a great strategy to use when you want to create additional value for your business. Product bundling is simply the process of grouping together certain products to create ‘packages’ which you then sell to your clients. If you’re in a service-based industry then “discount books” do the exact same thing. At the heart of all value-added propositions lies the need to help make your clients’ decision-making process easier.

Many people are very indecisive by nature and will often prefer not to make a decision at all rather than make the wrong one. Product bundling can help people make easier decisions. Consider these examples of product bundling to stimulate your own thought processes.

A dentist could offer 30% off a teeth-whitening program after each visit by a patient. A person is more motivated to buy this product having just gone through the physical and financial pain to have their teeth look great, and naturally they’ll want to keep them looking that way?

A landscape gardener could offer a do-it-yourself garden maintenance kit after each job… including gloves, a spade, a rake, a broom, clippers, a compost bin and so on. This enables the client of the new garden to keep it in the same pristine condition. When added to the cost of the new garden, this bundled offer can be positioned to sound like an excellent investment.

What about a photographer? They could bundle enlargements, a photo album and a DVD of all the session photos taken. Customers are thrilled to receive this complete service and it gives them a permanent record on DVD for future generations.

A locksmith could provide an alarm system, roller shutters, a fire protection system, a car alarm, a personal attack alarm, exterior alarm warning signs and stickers and possibly an ozone detection system where appropriate. People often need a locksmith due to a break-in or fear of one, so why not offer them a ‘complete home-protection package’. Some people will definitely say yes.

By the way, most locksmiths aren’t qualified to install some of these types of high-tech systems. No problem… just joint venture with businesses that are qualified and work out a referral fee for driving qualified clients to them in droves. The locksmith can go ahead and sell the service as well as collect the revenue… then pay their JV provider the reduced fee.

Consider a home builder or remodeling contractor. If they build or remodel multiple homes every year (some builders construct more than 50 homes annually), they typically contract with suppliers and receive huge volume discounts. This is especially true for electronics.

Consider a builder or remodeler who agrees to buy multiple packages of a whole home entertainment and security system including a 42 inch HDTV, a complete high quality surround sound system, a complete home security system including surveillance cameras at all entry points to the home as well as a complete fire protection and monitoring system.

The retail price of this package would easily exceed $25,000 but the builder or remodeler could acquire them in volume for around $6500 since installation would not be part of their costs. Since the builder or remodeler will already have the home stripped to the studs, installation can be handled by their crew for pennies on the dollar.

Now imagine a builder competing with other builders in a moderately priced neighborhood. All the builders offer homes in the $250,000 price range. Our builder offers their home for $256,500 (includes the additional $6500 out of pocket expense to the builder) and it comes standard with a $25,000 home entertainment and full security system for FREE! Which builder would you buy from?

In fact, what if this builder offered that new home for $260,000? Do you really believe that additional $3500 would prevent anyone from buying this home? I seriously doubt it. And if it did, the builder always has the option of reducing the price. They could even maintain their original price of $250,000 and lower their profit margin on each home they sell. This would allow them to possibly double their normal sales volume and practically doubling their overall new profit every year.

The remodeler could use this same type of positioning for every remodeling job they bid on.

What kind of value Bundle can you Create? If you would like help looking to add value versus the discounting madness, let’s chat.