Four Ways to Effectively Outsource Marketing

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As a small business owner, you may not be able to afford to bring on a full time marketing person. And you are too busy running the business so for many of you the smart choice is to outsource.

The challenge is there are a lot of players in the marketing space that think because they post on social media, they are a digital marketing business.  I know several owners that met someone with a good story at a networking event and now they have spent thousands of dollars and are wondering what happened.

Here are some thoughts to help you be successful:

First, own your marketing strategy yourself. DO NOT outsource this. You must own your message. No one will understand your business, or your market better than you will. (If they do that’s a problem). Do this, invest time in creating your Market Dominating Message (MDM). This is the message that is client facing and completely differentiates you from the competition so that you are the obvious choice.

Second, determine where your ideal market is. Some are on Facebook and others are still reading the hard cover newsletter. I know of a Homeowners Association that sells ads starting at $50/mo.  For a home improvement business or Real Estate professional this is WAY better than Facebook or Twitter. The demographics in this community are people retired and or downsizing and new people are moving in. So, there is a lot of opportunity for a refresh of the property. And there are approximately 1,500 homes in the community. This is very cost effective.

Third, when you decide to outsource get references and check the references. You can’t afford not to. Like I said, I have seen countless people choose someone with a good story at a networking event only to be disappointed.

Finally, if you choose to use Fivver or another source like this, hire two or three people for your project and then pick the best one. At the prices they offer you can afford. It. Your business needs the best.

When you take the time to slow down and own your marketing and then you are clear in how and what to outsource, your business can scale.  For more resources you can checkout Https://

Are You Overwhelmed with How to Create Content to Connect with Your Buyer? Three Steps to First Marketing Plan

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Many small business owners get so busy “working” that they don’t have time to market. And then when the “work “they are doing is done, they look around and ask, “Where are my customers?” One way to avoid this is to have a marketing plan that is easy to execute and that pulls customers to your business.

This can seem complicated but, with a bit of creativity, it can be simple and fun.

First:  Create the baseline content. Think of this as your warehouse of ideas. Step one; write down the top ten questions your customers tend to ask you. Step two; write down the top ten questions you wish they would ask you. Step three; answer those question in 300 to 500 words for each question.

Congratulations, you now have twenty Blog posts.

Second: Review the twenty questions and your answers and ask yourself what are the three to seven things that are most important to help your buyer? Pull those out and create a flyer, free report, or check list that you can trade to prospective buyers in return for their email address. For example:

  • The Top Three Things Your Should Ask Your Plumber
  • The 14-point Checklist That Ensures Your Success
  • Don’t Allow Your Accountant to Surprise You

You can find a graphic designer to help you put together the finalized product and now you have a “Lead Magnet.” Something to attract potential buyers.

Third: Review each of your blog posts and pick the most valuable idea from each, then write 150 – 200 words. And create a video for social media on each. You can record these on your phone. And you can download a teleprompter app like BigVu for both a free and professional version.

Congratulations you now have twenty videos or twenty weeks of “Content” to help you attract potential customers.

By taking time at the beginning to list and answer twenty questions you have created almost an entire years’ worth of content and a lead magnet by repurposing the content.

You have twenty blog posts. You have twenty videos. And you have a lead magnet. Put these pieces together and ping your potential customers emotional hot buttons and watch your business explode.

If you are overwhelmed and are looking for ways to acquire customers, check out my website with free resources.

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Frustrated with Marketing Costs? Five Low Cost or No Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

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You will have an endless stream of companies offering to help you to market your business…, by helping you spend your money. And at some point in your business that is appropriate. For those of you starting out, there are a number of ways that cost zero or very little money

Email your data base. (You have one, don’t you?) If not, start one. Most newsletters and email newsletters go out every three to five months. And while you are not in relationship with your tribe, someone else is. I hope it is not your competition!

How to begin? Look at competitors and see what they are doing. Most are saying “buy our stuff”. Instead you can offer them value. Your buyers and potential buyers are on a journey. They are trying to decide, “do I buy this product or service category or not.” They are afraid of making a mistake. You can help by educating them on the industry, the product or service category, the risks, the rewards, AND why you are the best choice. Then they get to buy your product versus being sold your product.

Send out THANK YOU cards.  No one else is doing it. Send Out Cards has built a multi-million-dollar business helping people stay consistently in touch. Why? because it delivers results.

Want to take it up another level? Pick up the phone and call your customer a few days after the purchase to ask, “How is it working? Are you happy?”

Your email signature: how often have you looked at the bottom of an email for a phone number? Isn’t that a great place for your Market Dominating Position, your book, your certifications? It is another place to show people how you add value.

Craig’s List, Thumbtack, Fivver, are all places where you can promote your business with little to no cost.

There really are countless ways to market and promote your business at little to no cost. More importantly, remember it is NOT where you put your message, IT IS YOUR MESSAGE. A variation of “I need customers” is not what you want to say and that is what most ad’s say. Connect with your buyers want, their problems, and your solutions.

If you are eager to grow your business and frustrated with lack of customers let’s talk.

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The Real Purpose of Marketing

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If you are new in business like I was, you have probably read or listened to countless people that tell you the purpose of marketing is to make a sale. I remember that one of my first “sales” jobs had a title of Marketing Manager. People have a weird relationship with the word sales. Yes, it is important to sell. Without a sale, you don’t have a customer and without a customer you don’t have a business.

Now let me ask you, how do you like it when you feel you are being sold?

Most people don’t like it and they will actively resist it.  What happens when, as a business owner, you change your approach to marketing from selling to educating?

The buyer does not want to make a mistake. Nor do they want to be sold something they don’t want.

When you can change your marketing into education, you help the buyer make their decision. Now you are partners on the buyer’s journey. You are helping them to learn how their problems can be addressed and how their results can be achieved.

That looks simple until you decide you are going to market to everyone. Marketing to everyone is really marketing to no one. You see, different people have different problems they want solved. To become really effective, you want to identify your target market. Your ideal customer. These are the people that resonate most with the problem you want to solve.

If you think back to the 1960’s, if you wanted Pizza you either drove to the Italian restaurant to sit down and eat or you went in and picked it up. Domino’s stepped back and surveyed the marketplace. They asked, “Is there an underserved need? How can we differentiate ourselves?”

They saw college kids, who are always hungry. Many did not have a car.

“What if we delivered?” They then created stripped down kitchens for delivery only and built them close to campus. They could then promise your pizza in 30 minutes or less.

Notice they did not say the best pizza. They said fast and hot in thirty minutes. They became the number one pizza company in the world with arguably not the finest pizza.

They did this by solving a specific problem (I want pizza fast without leaving the couch). Then they educated their buyer with advertisements all over town saying thirty minutes or less.

Ask yourself,” What are the questions my buyers typically have about my business or business category?” Write those down and answer them. Then ask, “What do I wish my buyers would ask?” Write those questions down and answer them. Now you have the basis for your marketing. As you use these questions and your answers in your marketing efforts, be, they at a networking event, a blog post, or an advertisement, you are now helping your buyer on their journey.

Speaking of journeys, The Profit Accelerator starts September 25th. This is a weekly meeting with other small business owners where you will have the chance to learn how to build the buyers journey, to craft your message so that you compel your buyers to learn more. Each week there is a new business or personal development fundamental. Each week as you execute on your fundamentals and goals your business will begin to transform. Consider a group of six successful business-people that are as committed to your success as you. To see if you qualify, schedule your call here.

Your Word of Mouth Marketing is NOT Enough!

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Your Word of Mouth marketing is NOT enough!

I can’t tell you how many business owners tell me that they are super thrilled with their word of mouth marketing. BS!!! (Belief System). They just don’t want to spend the money.

Data from Harvard Business Review shows that while people ask for referrals and are promised referrals, very few customers actually provide referrals.  Be honest. How many referrals did you ask for? Probably not many. How many did you get? Probably even fewer.

Do you really want your business to rely on the good will of others? Do you want to be dependent upon someone else remembering to say something good about your business?  That is leaving a lot of your success up to somebody else.

When you rely on word of mouth marketing, you are NOT in control of your destiny, period! If you ever want to sell your business, your word of mouth reputation is not sell-able. That is not something a new owner can replicate.

Does that mean word of mouth is bad? NO!!! It is a great indicator to tell you that your customers do like what you are delivering.  You need to think of how you can make your lead acquisition consistent and controllable BY YOU! If you are going to rely on word of mouth (please do not let this be your only channel), stack the odds in your favor with incentives and reminders.

Does this mean you have to spend a lot of money on marketing or advertising? No, it does not. What it means is that you want to get clear on who your ideal customer is. I know you have heard this and most of you have not done it. Be honest. Just because they can fog a mirror, does not mean they are a good customer. But when you are clear with who they are and what problem of theirs you can solve, whenever you communicate to the market be it your existing customers, your networking events, your FB groups or your advertisements, now they hear you and they want to speak with you. When you can describe their problem better than they can, they say to themselves, “She gets me.” “She knows how to help me.”

A mentor of mine once said, “When you dial your marketing in, you create magic. You can predict your future.”

Don’t leave your future in the hands of somebody else’s good intentions. Let’s talk about how you can create a message so compelling, they are calling you!

If you would like to learn how you can do this visit my free video everything you know about marketing is wrong and learn how you can stand out in the marketplace