But I don’t have Time…That’s Not True

Posted by johngies

Recently I have been hearing a lot of:

“I am overwhelmed”.

“I am too busy”.

“I don’t have time”.

It is a Belief System, and you are using time as an excuse. I was struck by something Oprah said:

“Take five minutes to center yourself…If you don’t have five minutes you don’t deserve the life of your dreams”. ~ OPRAH

Think about that for a moment, “if you don’t have five minutes you don’t deserve the life of your dreams”.

Taking time to think requires effort. It requires you to say no to the siren call of busyness. It requires you to slow down and get clear on what you want as an outcome. And then it requires that you plan and execute towards this outcome.

I get it, we all have things that compete for our attention; phone calls, emails, text messages, Instagram, LinkedIn, and then there is actual work.

Recently I met with a colleague who was “Overwhelmed”. She had three notebooks, she had lists on all of them, and she wondered why she was overwhelmed.

Let me suggest that the first thing she had not done was to get clear on what she wanted her life/business to look like. Too many people step into the day with no clear plan. As a result, they are overwhelmed by what life throws at them.

Recently I have been practicing writing down three things in the morning that I am grateful for. Then I write down the ONE Thing that would make the day awesome. When I come back the next day, more often than not, the awesome thing has happened.

The biggest mistake I see people like my friend making, is that they refuse to slow down and connect with what is really important to them. And then taking time to think about that. What does success look like? Who is there with you? What challenges will you need to overcome?

Now that you know the “what” of your desires, what is your plan? What action will you take?

If you want to lose ten pounds, it might mean replacing the cheeseburger at lunch with a salad during the week. And scheduling 30-minute walk 5 days a week.

Not taking the time to think about what you really want and then putting an action plan in place to get there is robbing you, your family, and your clients of the best life they could have with your influence.

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