Are You Overwhelmed with How to Create Content to Connect with Your Buyer? Three Steps to First Marketing Plan

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Many small business owners get so busy “working” that they don’t have time to market. And then when the “work “they are doing is done, they look around and ask, “Where are my customers?” One way to avoid this is to have a marketing plan that is easy to execute and that pulls customers to your business.

This can seem complicated but, with a bit of creativity, it can be simple and fun.

First:  Create the baseline content. Think of this as your warehouse of ideas. Step one; write down the top ten questions your customers tend to ask you. Step two; write down the top ten questions you wish they would ask you. Step three; answer those question in 300 to 500 words for each question.

Congratulations, you now have twenty Blog posts.

Second: Review the twenty questions and your answers and ask yourself what are the three to seven things that are most important to help your buyer? Pull those out and create a flyer, free report, or check list that you can trade to prospective buyers in return for their email address. For example:

  • The Top Three Things Your Should Ask Your Plumber
  • The 14-point Checklist That Ensures Your Success
  • Don’t Allow Your Accountant to Surprise You

You can find a graphic designer to help you put together the finalized product and now you have a “Lead Magnet.” Something to attract potential buyers.

Third: Review each of your blog posts and pick the most valuable idea from each, then write 150 – 200 words. And create a video for social media on each. You can record these on your phone. And you can download a teleprompter app like BigVu for both a free and professional version.

Congratulations you now have twenty videos or twenty weeks of “Content” to help you attract potential customers.

By taking time at the beginning to list and answer twenty questions you have created almost an entire years’ worth of content and a lead magnet by repurposing the content.

You have twenty blog posts. You have twenty videos. And you have a lead magnet. Put these pieces together and ping your potential customers emotional hot buttons and watch your business explode.

If you are overwhelmed and are looking for ways to acquire customers, check out my website with free resources.

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