18 Creative Mays to Market and Increase Your Business

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Have you noticed how the successful business’ and leaders have grown their business?

They find a way to capture the attention of the buyer and then they engage and educate them. Often with a series of information-based messages. They could be advertisements, emails, conversations. But each interaction brings new knowledge and more value to the buyer until they make their offer.

You too can leverage this approach to grow your business. Here are some ways to put together and execute a professional, effective message campaign:

  1. Create a short report that you’ll send to prospects when they contact you. This should include a short description of your business and what you specialize in. Don’t forget to include case studies, samples or other proof of your success.
  2. Newsletters are a great way to engage and educate. Make sure your content is focused on your buyer and not you for the most part. You want them to feel you are educating them, NOT selling them. (This does not mean you can’t invite them each time with an offer).
  3. Seminars and Webinars also re ways to engage and educate. Just make sure you are delivering value versus trying too hard to sell.
  4. Consistently test different versions of your ads to find the most effective ones.
  5. Direct mail still has its place.
  6. Stay in touch with previous customers offering them insight, updates and offers. They bought once from you. It is likely they are willing to buy again..
  7.  incentives such as frequent purchasing benefits, loyalty programs, referral programs or others often create value and new business.
  8. Donate time or materials to local charities to show support and gain visibility in your area.
  9. Create seminars your customers/clients can pay to attend by putting together a high-perception value package.
  10. Offer local newspaper by offering to write a weekly column about your area of expertise.
  11. If you are delivering valuable seminars turn them into a product that can be recorded, packaged and sold to your clients.
  12. Approach large companies and offer to give seminars to their employees, investors or management.
  13. Be willing to bring in new clients, even at a lower fee, it will likely pay off later. And, you can create a less intense offering for these clients.
  14. Work with others in your market that call on your ideal clients. Offer them a reward for clients and vice a versa.
  15. Can you provide loaner products to replace equipment that’s be repaired or refurbished? And of course have it branded so people see that you are getting and serving customers.
  16. Want to see which ads or messages work the best? Give away something free to everyone who brings in a print version of your advertisement.
  17. Always be considering and innovating what new products/services you can offer to current customers/clients.
  18. Offer a “you-choose-the-price” program. This is especially good for product you just can’t seem to sell. Or for entry level programs on the ladder of engagement.

So, there are 18 ways to market to other professional and businesses. Some other great ways to get your name out there for little or no cost are:

  • Get involved you in your community-volunteer, donate to local events, etc.
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce and attend the networking and other activities throughout the year.
  • Join a local, state or regional professional associates for further networking opportunities.
  • Become a board member of a local organization.

Advertising should never be your only method of marketing, there are a myriad of ways to get your name out there in a way that feels personal to potential customers/clients.

“Effective advertising…must be used to get your name out to the public. If your name is not familiar to people, they will not come to you.” Jay Abraham

If you are wondering where you start with your marketing plan or how to reach out to your local community, competitors, customers/clients and others who could influence your business, try our FREE test drive to experience the tools and resources we have to boost your business to the next level and beyond.

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