Your Bad Habits Are Slowing Your Business Down.

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We all develop habits. Some are good and some…well they don’t serve us. We build them because our brain likes shortcuts. These habits lead to results

So there are a lot of unproductive behavior patterns that hold many small business owners back from success. Because they are ingrained, many of these behaviors are occurring unconsciously by habit.

These habits might look something like:

  • Checking Facebook while on a call.
  • Checking your email many times a day.
  • Multi-Tasking (It really doesn’t work)
  • Failing to delegate
  • Failing to train people so that you can delegate
  • Thinking you can create systems, policies, and procedures later

If these habitual behaviors are holding you back, what can you do? It is not as simple as a decision. You probably have heard the story about four frogs on a log and one decides to jump. How many are left? Four… because deciding is not action.

Maybe you have heard the story about how you control an elephant. As a baby, you tie them to a post. And over time they believe that they cannot break free. Then as they get older, they have been conditioned that they cannot break these bonds.

These beasts of 5 – 6 tons that can topple buildings have been conditioned to believe that they cannot break these bonds. What have you been conditioned to believe that is not serving your business?

Small business owners have been conditioned also. They are taught to believe:

  • “If I don’t do it myself, it won’t get done.”
  • “I can’t rely on others to do it right.”
  • ” Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
  • “I have to work long hours to be successful.”

These beliefs lead to long hours away from the family which, in turn, wears you out so you don’t think clearly. And the cycle goes on… work harder with diminishing returns.

What if you could get clear? What if you could be focused? What if you could delegate and trust the process? What if that led to scaling your business? Is it possible?

I have a fully developed e-learning platform that will teach you basic skills as well as the way to build systems and processes to create your million-dollar business. You also have access to hundreds of templates for post cards, websites, and advertisements to help you create your own.

The following audio recording will help you learn the techniques a business owner can use to change the way they think about their business… and do it in such a way that you begin to see dramatic changes in your patterns of behavior. Let me show you how I help small business owners learn the secrets to increasing their revenue by “3X – 16X” To take a Test Drive on our system visit

Your Word of Mouth Marketing is NOT Enough!

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Your Word of Mouth marketing is NOT enough!

I can’t tell you how many business owners tell me that they are super thrilled with their word of mouth marketing. BS!!! (Belief System). They just don’t want to spend the money.

Data from Harvard Business Review shows that while people ask for referrals and are promised referrals, very few customers actually provide referrals.  Be honest. How many referrals did you ask for? Probably not many. How many did you get? Probably even fewer.

Do you really want your business to rely on the good will of others? Do you want to be dependent upon someone else remembering to say something good about your business?  That is leaving a lot of your success up to somebody else.

When you rely on word of mouth marketing, you are NOT in control of your destiny, period! If you ever want to sell your business, your word of mouth reputation is not sell-able. That is not something a new owner can replicate.

Does that mean word of mouth is bad? NO!!! It is a great indicator to tell you that your customers do like what you are delivering.  You need to think of how you can make your lead acquisition consistent and controllable BY YOU! If you are going to rely on word of mouth (please do not let this be your only channel), stack the odds in your favor with incentives and reminders.

Does this mean you have to spend a lot of money on marketing or advertising? No, it does not. What it means is that you want to get clear on who your ideal customer is. I know you have heard this and most of you have not done it. Be honest. Just because they can fog a mirror, does not mean they are a good customer. But when you are clear with who they are and what problem of theirs you can solve, whenever you communicate to the market be it your existing customers, your networking events, your FB groups or your advertisements, now they hear you and they want to speak with you. When you can describe their problem better than they can, they say to themselves, “She gets me.” “She knows how to help me.”

A mentor of mine once said, “When you dial your marketing in, you create magic. You can predict your future.”

Don’t leave your future in the hands of somebody else’s good intentions. Let’s talk about how you can create a message so compelling, they are calling you!

If you would like to learn how you can do this visit my free video everything you know about marketing is wrong and learn how you can stand out in the marketplace

How Can a Dead Roman Help Your Business Now?

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This is not the first worldwide pandemic.

There was the Antonine Plague   which ravaged the known world from 165- 180 AD. It, too, appeared to originate in Asia. Scholars think it may have been smallpox.

Marcus Aurelius was emperor of Rome at the time. He was known as a warrior, general, and philosopher in addition to being emperor. Even today, many leaders look to his writings (Meditations) as a guide for life and leadership. His philosophy was Stoicism.

The Stoics held a set of values, four of which are:

  • Self-Discipline
  • Courage
  • Wisdom
  • Justice

We can all do with remembering these values during this period of time. It looks like this pandemic may be here for a bit.

We can leverage self-discipline to prevent ourselves from giving into our anxiety and perhaps spending money we don’t have, or letting our selves go. Or letting our business go because we have been shut down and we are waiting for guidance. (Do I watch Netflix or create a new way to serve your customers?)

We can muster the courage to lead. To lead our business, our teams, and our community by demonstrating that we can continue to create value even in a pandemic.

We can leverage our wisdom to recognize this is a long game. Longer than anyone hopes for. And, we don’t need to get caught up in the minutia of the statistics and flailing of science and government as they try to find a solution. Nor should we listen to the prognostications of media as they continue to capture our attention to sell us stuff.

We can tap into justice by recognizing that we are all weathering the same storm. But we have different experiences and resources. Some are well suited with a castle and moat, while others are living in a lean to. We can do our part to help the communities we serve.

I say yes, the stoics have quite  a bit to say to us and we can use their wisdom, discipline, courage, and justice and tap into ours not only to survive this “plague” but to come out on the other side better, stronger and more resilient.

If you are interested in how your business can create

  • More customers
  • More revenue
  • More profits
  • WITHOUT spending more money on marketing or advertising, join me for Your Market Dominating Message: a free webinar designed to serve main street business.

Blah, Blah, Blah…Your Marketing Sucks…Well Maybe.

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OK maybe not but probably. How many of you are using phrases like:

  • “We have the largest selection.”
  • “We offer the best service.”
  • “We deliver the best quality.”
  • We have the best Experience.”

Now ask yourself another question, who else can say that? And if you said anybody then how do you stand out from your competitors?

There are two criteria that need to be met to create a customer:

  1. You have to get their attention by being different from other companies.
  2. You have to help them to start the buying process.

You may be asking how to do that? It is through a Market Dominating Message. It is a message that resonates so clearly with your buyer that they are compelled to take a closer look. And that is when you get to start helping them buy.

If you are like 98% of businesses in America, you do not have the funds to create the conversation with your buyer with a talking lizard or a yellow Emu. You need to tap into the questions they are already asking about your industry and your product.

In order to that you need to step back and ask some questions about your buyer. Most small businesses just open their doors and say, “here I am.”

  • Who is your buyer?
  • What are their demographics?
  • Do they have the money to buy your product?
  • Are they located close enough to drive traffic to your store?

Then you can begin to understand their motives, fears, concerns and hot buttons.

And from there you create your (MDM) Market Dominating Message.

All of this requires that you slow down, invest some deliberate thought and action and you can command your market. The market is not going back to the way it was anytime soon. You need to stand out to earn the business.

If you would like to learn how you can create your market dominating message you can join me on May 19, 2020 at 12:00 Mountain  for the Master Class– You Market Dominating Message, Register here

Is LinkedIn really the hot place to be?

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With so many people working from home and many with more time on their hands, there is a LOT of social media activity. All of the guru’s are saying “be visible, be out there, connect with your customer”. OK. But are you really connecting?

I scrolled through the Facebook and LinkedIn Groups which I am a part of today and found that in most of them every post has zero, nada, null, nothing, NO interaction. Not a like, not a thumbs up, not a comment. What does that say to you?

What it says to me is that people are posting from their point of view, not the point of view of their audience. When you post and say look at me, look at me, people will flip the channel.

In order to be visible, and by visible, I mean people see your posts, engage with your posts, and engage with you or your organization, you must have a clearly defined position. Where have you planted your flag? Does your audience care?

There is a young lady I used to follow who posts all of the time, 5 – 6 times a day. A video, a blog post, a question, and so on. Every one of these is a “look at me, look at me post”. After two or three looks with no value for what the questions I am thinking about or the problems I want to solve, I unfollowed her.  Go ahead and look at the LinkedIn and Facebook groups you are a part of (that are business related). Take a look at the posts. How many are getting engagement?

Today everyone is offering a COVID 19 support group. I am all in favor of supporting each other but can your audience distinguish your group from any others? It is hard. I know. I have been working to get my virtual mastermind to stand out.

Let me offer a couple of ideas to help you identify your position.

  1. Clearly identify your ideal customer. I know everyone says this but this is critical. When, you talk to everyone, and not your ideal customer, you sound like Charlie Browns Mom, “Wah, Wah…Wah”. But when you are crystal clear and speak to the Millennial who is looking for the loft of their dreams in downtown Denver, your message is like a clear crisp bell. It resonates in the world and draws your customer to you.
  2. Once you know who your ideal customer is, write a biography. Turn it into something beyond a set of data, like age and demographics.
  3. Enter into the conversation your audience is having in their own minds or amongst themselves. Remember it is about your audience, NOT your ego.

Without a clearly defined position and a clearly defined audience or market, your message becomes just another contributor to the noise of the marketplace.

And by the way, I am engaged with both LinkedIn and Facebook. I have just discovered that when too many people are “selling” in the groups, the audience the group was built for checks out and it ends up being consultants broadcasting to consultants. Do not let that be you.

If you would like to learn more about how you can dominate your market with a clear differentiated message, join me on May 19, 2020  at 12:00 Mountain time for the free Master Class – Four Weeks to Your Market Dominating Position and register Here.